Tango OpenOffice Patcher

Voila! Just finished my 4th Tangoification.



  • Replaces most of the application and document icons with Tango Icons (doesn’t make a backup of the previous icons)
  • Replaces the skin of OpenOffice with a Tango OpenOffice toolbar made by Lokheed (it makes a backup of the old skin)

0.02 13/05/2007
– added: Tangoish Splash screen
– change: the script to replace the old splash screen


  • The script assumes OpenOffice 2 is installed in the default path of Program Files in directory of name OpenOffice.org 2.2 in most cases: C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 2.2\
  • If your copy of OpenOffice is installed in a different folder please read the instructions in readme.txt
  • If problems with toolbar occur:
    • Open OpenOffice
    • go tools->options->view
    • “Icon size and style” are set to “small” & “Industrial”

Known Issues:

Icons in the Start Menu still display the old icons, still I haven’t been able to track them down.
Maybe somebody could help to track them down?
So far I checked: soffice.bin, soffice.exe, quickstart.exe, swriter.exe, scalc.exe, simpress.exe


Tango Fridays Team
Tango Desktop Project

Hope you like it



  1. tango

    thanks for that

  2. Tom

    I’d like to change the theme (skin) in my OO for Win32 into Tango. How do I do it?

    Tkanks a lot,

  3. stefeq

    Just download the patcher and launch the .bat file

  4. nic


    First things first : thank you for sharing your work with us.

    I just tango’ed OpenOffice.org 2.3 using then Tango patcher. Things went ok save for the toolbar gradient effect … It’s still there !

    Looking at the screenshot at the top of this page, you seem to have found some way of killing the damn thing. How did you do that ?


  5. Used patcher on openoffice 2.3… everything worked like a charm… just wondering… has anyone got a tango openoffice 2.3 splash/into?

  6. Zach

    It looks great.
    Thanks a lot.

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