Super Turbo Tango Patcher 7.03 by vertigosity
The Tango Shell Patcher is a mostly self-explanatory graphical wizard designed to make integrating the Tango icon set into your system files as easy as installing any other piece of software. Likewise, it includes a reloader to re-Tangofy your system files if necessary, and an uninstaller to restore them to their original state. It is designed to work on all language versions and editions of Windows XP and Server 2003. 64-bit versions of Windows are NOT supported. If you are experiencing trouble with it, or just want to want to learn some useful tips and tricks, visit the website at

It currently includes implementations of the Tango icon theme, the Tangerine icon theme developed by the Ubuntu art team, Gnome-Icon-Theme2 and NLD10’s Industrial-Icon-Theme, and various pieces of artwork created by myself and culled from various sources to round it out in places.


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