Tango Izarc Icons Patcher


Replaces the standard icons of Izarc with Tango Project icons
makes backup of old icons

Contains 2 versions
– Custom Icons (As on screenshot)
– Default package version (All icons are replaced by the same Default_package icon)

* The script assumes Izarc is installed in the default path of Program Files
in most cases: C:\Program Files\Izarc\
* If your copy of OpenOffice is installed in a different folder please edit the bat file with any notepad and change paths

Tango Desktop Project

If you like it just say thanks.


  1. tango

    thanks 🙂

  2. AccF

    Thanks!!!!!!!!! (2)

  3. Enaitz

    Great! (and thanks).

    Hope they will include your icons on default IZArc.

  4. That’s me again.

    I’ve noted that your icons install script only works for english systems. I’ve fixed your script and created an special script for spanish systems.

    I’ll be happy to send you the 2 batch files for if you may want to include them on your package or make them available as the version for spanish systems.

    Just send me an e-mail and I’ll be sending you the files at once.

  5. Chocobito

    Very well icon pack for remplacing the not very good looking icon from IZArc, if you are looking for other icons for izarc check this:

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