uTorrent: Tango & Tangerine

by Vertigosity

Linux: only via Wine

Icons for uTorrent, a very tiny Bittorrent client. Several icons are at least partially based on work by Hilloki and Osmosis, and it uses the RSS icon from Niko Kaiser’s Tango Firefox theme.

  • Download for Tango
  • Download for Tangerine
  • (If someone has this please put it in the comments)

  • If you have uTorrent installed in the default manner, extract the archive to the default location (%AppData%\uTorrent)
  • If you have portable-ized uTorrent, specify the path to your executable and profile

  1. siam

    The download links are broken.

  2. Nat

    indeed they are, and I would love this theme!

  3. kaboose

    those links are dead…and i really wanna make a tango uttorent look…..pls redirect dl links


  4. Someone posted it on neowin, here’s the link

  5. stefeq

    Links updated 🙂 Couldn’t find the Tangerine one though

  6. turu

    I found tangerin tool bar for utorrent. but comment w link seems not to be accepted here 😦
    well, you can find it from official skin page. so just go and find it.

  7. kisluk

    hi, please, update skin.

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