updated: Tango Thunderbird 2.0 Theme 0.1.1

fixed: The theme wanted to update itself with another theme

Download@DivShare #2(rename extension to .jar)

Description: https://tangoproject.wordpress.com/2007/05/20/tango-thunderbird-20-theme/


  1. martin

    Thanks for the fix. But could you upload it to a different server? The Mediafire link always times out for me… (Mediafire is not very reliable).

  2. martin

    Thanks! The other link worked for me.

  3. SooperDoode

    Hey, Stefeq

    You mind if I use your preview for the skin as the preview on dA? It’s so much better than the one I put together at 6 in the morning. If not it’s okay. I figured I’d just ask 😉

  4. stefeq

    @SD no problem

  5. Mephisto

    Could you please make a version which doesnt modify the normal thunderbird widgets, but only the icons? With your theme, TB uses flat style for buttons, which imho looks horrible and not consistent with the rest of my applications…

  6. stefeq

    Sorry but I’m not the author of it and I’m not planning on remaking it.

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