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Tango Miranda Icons

Look what we’ve got here! A custom made Tango Icon pack for Miranda!

Unfortunately xTom couldn’t find a way to make .dll files out of them so the pack consists of separate 16×16 icons.




You’ve been busy :)

Although during the holidays I didn’t update the blog it constantly got visited which I’m really happy about.
Currently it’s at 40,000 visits.

Let’s get back to Tango though 🙂
Have a look at the hbons’ Firefox icon.

I guess it’s more girl-appealing, which brings me to the question: Are there any girls visiting this page?

Just like Photoshop Tango Palette this should be a great tool when creating any Tango stuff on a Mac.


I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Anyway I’m back from holidays and will certainly try to keep up with all things Tango. Here’s one:

The new Gimp is out and it got officially Tango-friendly.

Here’s the link to the Gimp 2.4 RC2 debs rpms and a Windows setup