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Installation: Move to %AppDir%\Icons, backup old icons, paste new ones, execute filetypes.reg, rebuild icon cache.

Download @ Here

Source @ here


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Copies a patched version of the interface
and overwrites the default icons in the in 7zip folder

– 7Zip version 4.57
– For now it was not possible to create a Tango interface; only Gnome GUI is available)
– There are several types of icons for Tango: rar, zip, bz2, iso, gzip, 7z, tar, cab and “split” archives.. For Gnome just the default one.

In order for the batch file to run successfully 7-zip should be placed in the default Program Files path. If it doesn’t work you need to alter the batch file.

You will may need to rebuild the icon cache after that to see the changes.

bledd’s 7zip customization
Tango Desktop Project [link]

If you like it just say thanks.

Download @ dA

This is something I couldn’t find fora long time – high quality icons for both Emule and Bittorrent including the 16×16 icon.

Tango p2p

The whole package can be downloaded here
It includes 32bit Windows Icons (up to size 48).

Tango Miranda Icons

Look what we’ve got here! A custom made Tango Icon pack for Miranda!

Unfortunately xTom couldn’t find a way to make .dll files out of them so the pack consists of separate 16×16 icons.