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Copies a patched version of the interface
and overwrites the default icons in the in 7zip folder

– 7Zip version 4.57
– For now it was not possible to create a Tango interface; only Gnome GUI is available)
– There are several types of icons for Tango: rar, zip, bz2, iso, gzip, 7z, tar, cab and “split” archives.. For Gnome just the default one.

In order for the batch file to run successfully 7-zip should be placed in the default Program Files path. If it doesn’t work you need to alter the batch file.

You will may need to rebuild the icon cache after that to see the changes.

bledd’s 7zip customization
Tango Desktop Project [link]

If you like it just say thanks.

Download @ dA


Found a cool Tango Windows VS on Xing Su’s blog

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Tinspirat Download

Since the previous 3dcc post happened to be one of the most popular posts I’ve got something for you.

(If you’re new on the blog and have no idea about 3DCC I refer you to the aforementioned post.)

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Tango Alert This is sweet. The theme is really fine and sticks great to the Tango pallete

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Great shellstyles which will surely matching any Tango-fitting VS such as Tempura VS. If you want to use them replace the .dll in the shellstyle folder which accompanies every VS substyle.